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We are an Orlando based rental business that provides the latest and safest mechanical bulls. Our bulls have soft heads that are designed to prevent injuries if the rider accidentally bucks their heads against the bulls. It’s a new State of the art equipment designed with safety in mind by a manufacturer based right here in Florida.

Mechanical Bulls are great for School Events, Corporate Functions, Bars nights, Family Festivals, Fundraising, TV Shows, Games Shows, Photo Shoots, and even movies. Just about anywhere or place you want to entertain for hours. Even if people don’t participate, it’s fun just to watch people try to stay on. A great way to create memories!

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The Fun:

Need Another Idea for Your Next Barn-Raising Party in Florida? (or any party for that matter)

So how long do you think you can stay on, huh? Can you beat the reigning champion? These crazy things used to grace the corners of malls years ago. Friends would compete till they had no more quarters to see who could stay on the longest. They found themselves in pubs and bars, and no decent tavern was without one in the good ole’ days. We’re talking about fun times we had around mechanical bulls!

Come on, let’s face it. We’ve all seen the bucking bronco on TV and in the movies. We’ve watched cowboys dressed in their finery expertly get thrown from their bulls moments before the buzzer rang. Be honest, how many of us thought, “I bet I could stay on longer!”  Do you still think you can? Are you willing to bet on it?

Well, now you can test that theory for yourself and invite the entire party to join in! No matter what event you are planning, whether it’s a line-dance party, a barn-raising, company grand opening, or even celebrating the boss’s 65th birthday, bringing along a mechanical bull is sure to liven things up! Modern-day mechanical bulls aren’t built the way they used to.

Come with me to the bullpen out back and let me introduce you to One-Eyed Buck here! You can relax, he’s as gentle as they come. This old bull knows when a child is on his back or an experienced pro like yourself. (Well, actually, his operator knows, choosing from three available speeds, but we won’t tell the kids that, ok?) This mechanical bull will stop as soon as the rider’s weight is no longer on his back, halting any risk of being hit after being thrown.

The air-filled safety mat and guard rail don’t just look cute, but allow the fun to go unabated toss after the toss, er, I mean win after win! Should a promising cowpoke lose his balance and fall off, the mat and rail will protect him from getting more than his pride hurt.

One-Eyed Buck and his barn mates are all made with soft heads so that the bucking action further reduces any chance of injury. These bucks are all about just as much fun as the parties and events they attend. So if you want your particular event or party to be the talk of the town, be sure to look at our bull section and rent one of our mechanical bulls. The fun never stops!

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Avalon Winter Garden, Apopka, Kissimmee, Ocoee, Belle Isle, Edgewood, Winter Park, Maitland, Lake Mary, Windermere, Wedgefield, Clermont, and Montverde.

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